Becoming A Member

More Harmony are an auditioned chorus, but we promise that's not as scary as it sounds!

The process is very simple and you will not be expected to audition until you've been singing with us for a minimum of four weeks.  We'll ask you to choose the song you feel most confident with and perform with the chorus as usual while you record your voice.  If you're happy with your recording, you can submit it to our MD, who will review it in private and email you with any feedback.

We want everyone who sings with us to feel comfortable and there is no pressure to audition until you feel confident singing a repertoire song of your choosing.  There is also the opportunity to redo your audition, should you feel you didn't sing at your best, so please don't worry about the process being remotely scary!

Once you've successfully passed your audition and become a full member of More Harmony, we ask you to switch from paying £6 per week to setting up a Direct Debit of £24 per month (a saving of £6 during a 5 week month!).  We will then pay to enroll you with LABBS (the Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers, ensuring you are insured to perform with us at public events) and provide you with your purple More Harmony jacket and music bag!

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